Fallin’ For Fall

Anne Marie Lundy and Zoe Ladner

Here is a list of every single “cringy” fall thing we could think of.
As you read this and come to the revelation that you partake in 90% of these activities, feel no shame.  Continue sipping that latte.

1. Jumping in a pile of leaves
with your new button up,
chocolate brown Ugg boots.

probably for an Instagram picture because your social media game must be strong


2.Stopping at your nearest
Starbucks for a Pumpkin
spice latte.

You knew this one was coming.


4. Already starting to listen to Christmas Music.

Santa Clause is not coming to town yet, please calm down


3. Burning a ~fall~ scented candle in your room until it smells like an autumn breeze.

the only thing you should be burning is those chocolate brown Uggs


5. Fall Photoshoots.

You know, the one’s on railroad tracks, hay bales, and casually leaning against a tree.


6. wearing an infinity scarf.

Let’s face it, these were never in


7. Throwing a “Friendsgiving”

All for the snapchat stories