Petty Parking


Nelson Thomas and Leah Richardson

JA students at some point in their high school career experience petty parking.  Rather its a junior or sophmore parking in your long awaited senior spot or its making a long and dreadful walk from Raider Park to your class.  Here are some tips and advice to survive JA parking:

Never take a senior’s parking spot, even if you have to be late to class and sacrifice that perfect attendance record.

Always make sure to park in the parking space lines.  Don’t be that persons that causes someone to not park on campus because of your poor parking.

On event parking only days, seniors and only seniors (first come first serve) can park in the limited spots in the “Back L” of the parking lot.  Sophomores and juniors, you’ll understand this frustration once your a senior.

Arrive early, especially all of you juniors.  As they say, “Early bird gets the worm!”