Surviving Second Semster

School building in flat style

Getty Images/iStockphoto

School building in flat style

Zoe Ladner

For many of us second semester is a rude awakening after Christmas break. The homework is stacking up and the tests are longer and harder than ever. If you’re like us then you’re probably finding it hard to stay motivated and focused, but don’t worry we can help you. We’ve come up with some ideas to help you survive this semester!

Never forget your air pods/earbuds. These are essential for maximum flexing and studying.

Go to a coffee shop or restaurant with a friend or group of friends to study.

Clean out your backpack! Get rid of all the crumpled up homework you didn’t do & the candy wrappers.

Bring snacks for break so your stomach doesn’t growl during class.

Always bring a sweatshirt to keep warm in those freezing classrooms.

Make a cute personalized calendar or planner to help you stay focused while staying creative.