Jackson Academy Raider Off-Season Football Program

Jackson Academy Raider Off-Season Football Program

Twenty-nine (29) 9th-12th graders participated in off-season football weights. We trained 12 weeks on the Russian Cycle and 2 weeks on Maximum Effort Cycle. One new high school record was broken in bench press by JoJo Adams with 445 lbs. In the junior high record books, Marcus Harris benched 395 lbs., and Ethan Archie squatted 475 lbs.

We had nine athletes squat over 40 lbs.; four over 500 lbs.; and JoJo Adams’s squatted 605 lbs. (2nd best ever at JA).

We had twelve athletes bench over 315 lbs. and four over 350 lbs.; with JoJo Adams benching 445 lbs. to break the record.

All of our athletes increased their bench by 30-60 lbs., and 50-100 lbs. in the squat. Overall, our kids scored in top high school percentiles. The athletes increased their body-weights a total of 395 lbs., which averages out to 13. 62lbs, per athlete over a 14-week period.

These JA kids are getting a lot stronger. Now it’s time for them to put that work into action during the 2019 football season!