A Delicious, Decorative Cafeteria

from Issue 1


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During the 2019-2020 school year, Jackson Academy introduced new changes to their cafeteria. Back by popular demand, JA resurrected the beloved pizza sticks as well as new seating in the amphitheater. Yazzy Chambers stated about the pizza sticks, “They are BOMB!” Many students agree that the pizza sticks are very delicious. Other students of the school dislike the pizza sticks. Christian Luckett stated about the pizza sticks, “I don’t think that they taste like they used to.” There are mixed emotions about the return of the pizza sticks, but they are very popular among the overwhelming majority.

JA also decided to get new picnic tables in their amphitheater to accommodate their students who sit outside to provide shade and more places to sit. Krislyn Gibson stated, “Will people sit there when it gets cold?” This might also be considered since no students sit outside when it gets cold. The school will just have to see how they turn out.