Cracking the Dress Code


This year, the JA administration is taking a stronger stance on the school uniform—enforcing the ways in which students wear the uniform. For example, boys will not be allowed to wear untucked shirts and must wear belts during the school day. In addition, girls’ skirts must meet the proper length requirement. Freshman Ian Roberson states, “As a student whose shirt gets untucked accidentally a lot throughout the day, this makes it a bit of a hassle.” Conversely, when speaking with the girls, Junior Krislyn Gibson had this to say: “Even though it sounds a bit harsh, I feel that it is needed to keep things consistent and to help create a positive school environment.”  In spite of this, upper school head Steve McCartney states, “We have a school with a dress code, and it is important to be consistent from preschool through the upper school. We are not changing the rules.” As with the headphone policy, administration will stand firm with their decision to keep the dress code as it is.