A Spectacular Spiking Season

from Issue 1

It is no surprise that the Jackson Academy volleyball team is very skilled. Last season, the Lady Raiders went 36-8, but they fell short in the MAIS Championship to Hartfield. Coach Denson stated, “We had a great season overall, but did not finish the way we wanted.” Nevertheless, the Lady Raiders continue to fight this upcoming season. However, the question is, “How did the Lady Raiders prepare for this season?” They started practice in April after tryouts. Denson said, “We really focused on our passing and serving during the spring. We put the girls in drills that will focus on certain skill concepts but also add game—like pressure to allow them to get use to playing in a pressure environment.” Coach Denson also stated, “You can learn a lot about yourself and your team in times of failure. We’ve worked on increasing everyone’s skill set to make us a well rounded team and we work under pressure a lot. The girls have been more driven this season due to that loss.” Others also wonder how the team has filled the roles of the seniors who have graduated, and the only answer would be impressively. The Lady Raiders are already 8-0 this season. They have not dropped a single set in any game. They beat Hartfield 3-0. They also won the Southern Classic tournament this past weekend. The loss of the championship last year seems to motivate them to fight harder. The Lady Raiders are looking to have an amazing season this year.