Senioritis (SEE-nyuhr-EYE-tihs, n.)

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Senioritis (SEE-nyuhr-EYE-tihs, n.)

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Definition: The procrastination of work during the senior year of high school.

Senior year has just started and many seniors are starting to like their last year of high school. This is some advice from a few seniors that has helped them survive their final year.

1. “Senioritis is going to hit hard so be prepared for that.”- Lizzy Magee
2. “Don’t slack off.”- Christian Luckett
3. “Stay in your own lane.”-Terran Demeritte
4. “Nothing is that deep for you to distract yourself from your work.”- Wisdom Ware
5. “Fill out your college applications on time.”- Keishun Pickett
6. “Study and do good on your ACT.”- Chris Mondie