Mississippi ICE Raids

from Issue 2


he recent ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcements, raids have stirred up controversy across the nation. In less than one day, 680 illegal aliens were arrested at multiple food processing plants. Los Angeles Times reports that more than 300 of those arrested have been released so far. There has been worry for the children left without parents, though U.S. attorney in Mississippi Mike Hurst says that all the children were reunited with at least one parent by Thursday night. According to CNN, however, a woman from the Department of Children Protection Services said that not all the children have been reunited with one parent. Teachers are doing their part in protecting the children and making sure they can go to school. Many still worry about the effects this will have on the children’s psyche. Mike Hurst has also stated that the government is coming after employers of illegal aliens. According to USA Today, as of yet, there has not been prosecution of these businesses for hiring hundreds of criminals. Some believe that these raids hurt the community. The reactions are mixed. Lachlan McLendon stated that he believes that the recent ICE raid was good for America and immigration control. When asked if this may have a negative impact on business, he said possibly, but it is for the good of America. Kendrick Davis has a different view on the matter. He said that these people are coming to achieve their dreams and that if one traces their ancestry back, no “American” came here legally. He believes that if we keep chasing people away then no one will want to come here legally. So, will this hurt business? Is what happened ethical? We will continue to ask these questions as the enforcement of immigration laws becomes more rampant.