Space Club Launches into the New School Year


he Space Club is launching into the spotlight! This is the Space Club’s first year of action, and they are ready to get started. Space Club is for anyone who is yearning to learn more about constellations, planets, NASA, and so much more. According to the club’s sponsor and teacher, Mrs. Shaw, what they talk about is mainly based on the interests the students have and the exploration of new ideas. Some of the students Mrs. Shaw had in her class were the reason she decided to sponsor the Space Club. Mrs. Shaw is known around school for having a passionate love of science in any form, so it will be exciting to see how the club thrives under her leadership.
Mrs. Shaw is planning on taking the club and its members to Huntsville, Alabama to visit the Space Center. She believes this will broaden the club participant’s knowledge of space while going on a fun field trip. Mrs. Shaw hopes that they will discuss more interesting topics and explorations that are on the news about new discoveries and medical advances made. In the words of Mrs. Shaw, “It’s going to be a fun club, and I’m really excited!”