Hurricane Dorian Devestation

from Issue 3


urricane Dorian has been causing problems for the East Coast and the Bahamas. It made land fall as a Category 5 hurricane. It ripped through the Bahamas, and at least thirty people have been declared dead. The island is expecting and preparing for more deaths, unfortunately. Many have been misplaced. Hampton University has offered free housing, food, and school college student for the fall semester. Celebrities, including Ludacris, and companies such as Disney and Royal Caribbean have donated funds and resources to help the thousands affected by Dorian.
In the US, the storm has dropped 10 inches of rain along the coast between South Carolina and North Carolina. The storm is now a Category 1, and many have been evacuated. Many have schools have also closed.
The storm is expected to push out to sea on Saturday. For now, the storm is hovering over the States, but it is going to bring tropical storm winds to Nantucket Island and Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. The projected movement of the storm toward the sea will hopefully prevent future devastation on the East Coast.