A Frenetic Tour—The College Fair

from Issue 3


ext Wednesday, 18 September, the college fair will be rolling into the JA PAC lobby. It is usually a hectic occasion, what with students fluttering around major colleges or all around the tables, so I talked to Amy Bush, the College Admissions Counselor, to grab some advice on what to do.

Carter Elliott: How many colleges are coming to the fair this year?
Amy Bush: We have seventy-five college representatives. That does include a few of the state schools with their honors colleges and special programs, but seventy-five representatives will be at our fair on the 18th.
CE: How do you select the colleges that come to the fair?
AB: We have a list that we’ve compiled over the years, but we’ve also been happy to welcome
colleges that have reached out to us that were not on our original list. CE: What will they discuss?
AB: It’s not really a discussion thing….They will be at individual tables, and the students can go and visit with any college that interests them. It’s more of a question-and-answer—it’s really more of a dialogue. So, what I’m encouraging each and every student to do is to come in to the fair with an open mind and be excited to approach colleges and college representatives that maybe spark some interest…Have some questions already planned in their mind.
CE: What are the top three colleges that students actually visit, and how much of the student body goes to those tables?
AB: I would definitely say that our in-state colleges are the most popular, Mississippi State and Ole Miss. And then if there were an out-of-state college that I would think would also draw a lot of interest with our student body, Alabama…Auburn…those. I think that they’re interested because they have friends that have ultimately gone to those schools and have heard great things, but also I think that they know—because of their reputation with special programs, whether it be honors college, whether it be the engineering program at any of those schools, but also the scholarship money. So, I think that those three things that I just mentioned attract our kids on college fair day.

Mrs. Bush also encourages viewing “smaller, liberal arts schools” rather than just viewing the major universities. Out of seventy-five colleges, there are certainly a lot of options, so plan your route carefully and wisely, and happy college hunting!