Land Has Landed

from Issue 3


and Gebhart has been making changes, and everyone seems to be happy about these improvements. But what about what he is yet to accomplish? Today we answer questions that have been prolonged for too long. 

Ian Roberson: You have added picnic tables and pizza sticks, but what about the other promises you have made?”

 Land Gebhart: I am working on the toilet paper. I think I’m planning on certain weeks like Charmin Week. There are two main concerns: one, our pipes may not be able to hold a stronger, thicker toilet paper. Second, they were also costly, and the thinner rolls allow you to get a lot more out of the rolls. I have also worked on senior lunch that would allow seniors to eat off campus. This was going to go into effect today, but Mr. McCartney had an altercation that it could not work today. There will be another in October and some planned out for next semester.

IR: Are there any other projects coming up?

LG: I take suggestions from any students or faculty all throughout the year, so if people want things changed, I can do the best I can to fix it. Lots of guys want khakis, and I’ve tried to work on that. Pretty much any concern a student has they can come ask me.

IR: How much do you think you can realistically accomplish?

LG: I think most of my promises I can realistically accomplish. I believe I can get the Charmin done, even though most thought it a joke. I have already accomplished picnic tables and senior lunch.

Outside of the interview, I had a chat with the president and had talks about a new bike rack. Currently, there is not much information on this, but it seems that it may be a possibility very soon.