Too Much? Students and Stress at Jackson Academy

from Issue 5


s a young adult with a wish to be free, it is often difficult to drag oneself out of bed and face another seven-and-a-half hours at their school. Not only that, but one can find a lot of stress in the daunting workloads that teachers seem to dole out like they do DR’s for pants violations. Exactly what do students have to say about their overworkload?


Lee Margaret Sykes, seventh grader: We are expected to sit down and work for about 2 hours every day, and while that might not be a problem for some people, the majority of us have after school activities. I usually get home about 7-9, giving me little time to shower, eat, and do homework. 

Stressometer: 7/10


Kendrick Davis, sophomore: I feel like teachers shouldn’t only plan when they give out tests and quizzes, but homework as well….Sometimes the workload isn’t even studying, it’s the homework itself. Teachers should plan out their homework days just like their quiz/test ones. That way, students can comfortably and more effectively and efficiently learn the material they need to.

Stressometer: 8/10


Ben Sigler, junior: Teachers are working hard to fix it, but the new system they implement isn’t working, so it seems as though I’m doing work all the time.

Stressometer: 9/10


Wes Thomas, junior: It’s stressful now, but it’s preparing me for college.

Stressometer: 7/10


Courtney Francois, senior: While the teachers are really good at trying to make sure we don’t have multiple tests and too much work, certain classes, by definition, especially as an AP student, have to have a lot of work and practice. But, when you’re in all AP classes, it gets to the point where you can’t handle everything, especially when you have term projects due on top of everything else. 

Stressometer: 15/10


Anna Roberson, senior: Since JA’s a college prep school, they try to prepare us really well for college so that it won’t be too big of a shift. It can be a lot to handle, though, especially if you’re taking honors or AP classes plus extracurriculars….It’s pretty much impossible. It’s not only hard on us but the teachers who are rapid-firing material every day and throwing tests at us and having to grade a bunch of material. It’s all around a ton of work, but it’s what we signed up for by going to a school like JA. I just hope it’ll pay off in college.

Stressometer: 6.99/10


Overall, students are extremely stressed; however, they do have a choice in what they do. Choose wisely…