Fearless: The 2019 JA Retreat

from Issue 5


ver the weekend, Jackson Academy held the 2019 Retreat. This retreat consisted of participating in many different fun activities, growing closer to the Lord, and spending time with friends. On Saturday morning, the students were placed into different groups and competed in indoor and outdoor activities. Some of the indoor activities included a hot-dog-eating contest and Chubby Bunny. A few of the outdoors activities were tug-of-war, a relay race, and a pop-the-balloon race. The retreat was a weekend for the students of Jackson Academy to become closer and to step out of their comfort zones. Hamilton Harper, a youth minister from Georgia, and his wife, Morgan, came this weekend to lead chapel, as did a band from Christ United Methodist Church. These fearless leaders helped the students grow closer to the Lord over the weekend and everyone had fun with their peers. Overall, this weekend was about bonding and growing closer as a community.