NEWSIES: A Special Interview with the Director

from Issue 5


s many know, Jackson Academy will present the musical Newsies later this month. This past Friday, I took a bit of time to talk to the director, Kerri Sanders, about the production.


Carter Elliott: Why did you choose Newsies?

Kerri Sanders: Newsies is a great show, not only because the music is fantastic, there’s amazing choreography, and the story is great, but because it’s about people your age. It’s about young teenagers and kids who really make a difference in the world by deciding to stand up for their rights. So, I love the premise of that story, and I think that all of the JA kids that are involved in it love it, too, because of that. They can really identify with these characters…someone who’s their age.

CE: How do you think rehearsals are going?

KS: I think rehearsals are going so great. We started rehearsing in early July, so—[laughter]—so we’ve been working on this for quite some time, but now we’re into full run-throughs with the set and getting all of the different elements involved, which is where it really gets to be fun. You kinda start to see the whole big picture, so this is an exciting time in rehearsal right now.

CE: What are your anticipations as far as showtime? …as in show time, not the show choir.

KS: [laughter] Right, right, right. I think everyone is going to love this show. I think we’re going to love performing it, and I think that that joy and excitement is going to spill out into the audiences. Tickets are already selling really well—There’s only three performances, so everybody needs to get their tickets now. Only three chances! But I think everybody’s going to really love it because we’ve been having so much fun. I mean, when you watch it, you just can’t help but have fun with us.

CE: Is there anything else you want to say?

KS: Come see it. Just do it. Come and see it; get involved over here! It’s really, really fun. 

Anticipation rides high on this musical, so get your tickets at this link: