The Homecoming Court Presentation

from Issue 5


t is finally that time of year. Homecoming is now here, and so is the fun pep rally and amazing game. In both the pep rally and game the homecoming court will be presented. Homecoming Court consist of a few girls and boys elected from the 10th-12th grades. 2019-2020 Homecoming Court:


(from back, left) Connor Gee, son of Staci and Guion Gee; Ellis Bates, son of Amy and Cliff Bates; Davis Cress, son of Kelly and Blake Cress; Matthew Frost, son of Candace and Cable Frost; (front) Anna Carlisle Nichols, daughter of Ashley and Chad Nichols; Addison Armstrong, daughter of Tyler and Matt Armstrong; Caroline Crisler, daughter of Misti and Bob Crisler; and Olivia Quin, daughter of Christy and Billy Quin.


(from back, left) Turner Easley, son of Lea and Cal Easley; Jack Varner, son of Kate and Thad Varner; Bryant Seago, son of Stacy and David Seago; Rett Stanley, son of Mandi and Bob Stanley; (front) Ava Couey, daughter of Mona and Chris Couey; Anabel McCraney, daughter of Kathryn and Will McCraney; Gracie Coe, daughter of Sarah and Josh Coe; Julianna Copeland, daughter of Debbie and Edward Copeland; and Alice Williams, daughter of Mary Carolyn and Brad Williams. Not pictured: Branson Tadlock, son of Gay and Danny Tadlock.


(from back, left) Will Thomas, son of Angie and Craig Thomas; Tanner Golden, son of Kristal and Joe Golden; Don Waller, son of Yonnie and Don Waller; Henry Lee, son of Ann Marie and Stephen Lee; Bryan Jameson, son of Lisa and Bryan Jameson; (front) Sydney Morris, daughter of Elizabeth and Barry Crain and James Morris; Hailey Swalley, daughter of Alyson and Scott Swalley; Zipporah Hawkins, daughter of Alice and Garnett Hawkins; Kennedy Nations, daughter of Kristen and Lee Nations; Virginia Parry, daughter of Lauren and Wilson Parry; and Reeves Stratton, daughter of Owen and John Stratton. Not pictured: Cyrus Manning, son of Allison and Robby Manning.