COLLAPSE: Hard Rock Hotel, New Orleans

from Issue 6


n Saturday, 12 October, at approximately 9:15 am CST, the Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans, which was undergoing renovation, partially collapsed in the upper eleven floors. 112 workers were at the site at the time of destruction, and three have died (one of whom has been identified as 49-year-old Anthony Magrette and the other two unaccounted for). Those who have gone to hospitals have been discharged, one of whom underwent surgery on Saturday evening.

A video from two days before the collapse shows the inside of the structure, criticizing the large spaces in between and bending of temporary supports holding up the framework. Although the cause is not clear, this is suspected to have initiated the collapse.

On Sunday, 20 October, the two cranes on the hotel, which were of concern in the wake of a tropical storm, were destructed in a controlled explosion. Part of one crane damaged one sewer line and broke three windows of the Saenger Theatre across the street.

There are plans to destroy the whole building in the near future.


This is a changing story. Expect updates in the near future.