Quack! On Ducks Unlimited

from Issue 6


ucks Unlimited was founded on 29 January 1937. It is a nonprofit organization that works to protect wetlands, waterfowl, and people. It currently has over 700,000 members and has worked to conserve over 14 million acres. The organization works in every state in the nation. They have also worked on over 20,000 conservation projects across North America. In 2018 alone, Ducks Unlimited in Mississippi raised $1.15 million in order to maintain wildlife and conserved 5,120 acres of wetlands for habitat use. They are one of the most popular clubs at Jackson Academy, having 84 members from grades 9th-12th.

The chairman of the club at Jackson Academy is McNeill Dinkins. Mr. Milne and Mr. Morgan are the advisers. The Ducks Unlimited Club at JA teaches kids leadership skills and about the natural world of conservation. McNeill Dinkins says, “Our chapter is not about how cool our sweatshirts look or that the seniors can get scholarships but that we are trying to do something good in the world that will make a lasting impact.” This could not be closer to the truth as our school’s club members continue to be the greatest conservationists at our school.