An “Easy” Listen from Camila Cabello

from Issue 6


Camila Cabello has been releasing a lot of hit singles recently. One of Camila’s new songs is “Easy.” This is easily a romance song. It is about her finding someone who makes loving her seem easy. The chorus states, “ Always thought I was hard to love/‘Til you made it seem so easy, seem so easy”—saying that her lover does not overcomplicate the relationship. Another line that stood out was “You tell that you’d rather fight/Than spend a single peaceful night with somebody else.” The lover doesn’t care that they are arguing; he knows that they will be okay and would never want to be with anyone else. This song is good for when one is catching feelings, but it is also good for a heartbreak. People would sing this song for a heartbreak because this is probably what they wanted in a relationship.

Rating: 8/10