A Christian Kanye Confusing the Crowd

from Issue 7


Yes. You heard it right. Kanye West is a Christian, and it is definite in his ninth studio album, JESUS IS KING.

The album, which dropped on Friday, is more of a half-album, an extended play, containing eleven short-form songs ranging from former hip-hop roots to gospel. The definite best track on the record is “Every Hour,” the opener. Featuring the Sunday Service Choir that was formed in early 2019, it is a praise track full of soul. The other notable track is “God Is,” continued along the same 1950’s gospel vein that seems to permeate some of West’s new tracks. Most of the songs on the album do not contain a percussive beat; the rhythm is carried by the minimalist instrumentation and his voice. There is one track in particular that drags the whole album down: “Closed on Sunday,” which bases its title and hook off Chick-fil-A’s business policies.

No one could have foreseen that Yeezy and Jesus would create a mutual bond and that His voice would be expressed in his voice; however, the results of his new faith are quaintly interesting.

Rating: 6/10