Good Morning, Grandparents!


On 25 October, grandparents came from Mississippi as well as out of state to celebrate a special day at Jackson Academy with their grandchildren. The Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations put together our inaugural Upper School Grandparents Day to give families and friends the opportunity to learn more about what students do at JA every day. The first program of the day was attending a pep rally on campus, where there was a special cheer in their honor. Students then found their grandparents to participate together in the rest of the day’s activities. Grandparents and students listened to a speech made by the Head of School Jack Milne on who really fired the first shot of the Civil War. The lecture impressed many guests because of the detailed presentation and the amount of work Mr. Milne clearly put into the performance. Immediately following, Newsies staff and performers gave everyone a sneak peek of the amazing, and heart-touching performance by performing two numbers: “Sante Fe” and “King of New York.”

Another highlight was JA English faculty, Sandra McKay, lecturing on Eudora Welty’s “A Worn Path.” This lecture, being very different from the first, was very emotional and gave everyone a sense of familiarity as it was based on a story right here in Mississippi. An added bonus was a special viewing of Eudora Welty’s photography exhibit in the lobby of the Performing Arts Center. The most popular event was the grandparent and student panel discussion entitled “The Future of Politics and Healthcare in America.” The grandparent panel was quite impressive including the 63rd Governor of Mississippi and current JA grandparent, Haley Barbour. The student panel was selected by their peers to ask probing questions of their senoirs. Lastly, all families were invited to attend a special and well planned out luncheon hosted by Caroline and Jack Milne to honor the special guests. Overall, the grandparents and their families seemed to love the whole day and left the campus smiling and laughing.