Comparing Candidates

from Issue 8


Tate Reeves, the Republican Party member running for governor of Mississippi, is a conservative, and his beliefs reflect that. He is opposed to any expansion of government healthcare in Mississippi, stating, “I do not think it’s good public policy to put 300,000 more Mississippians on government health care.” He says that it is too expensive for Mississippians to afford, and that it may force more to leave their private insurance in exchange for a government one. Tate Reeves has also put a value on teacher salary. Under him, teacher salaries have increased over $8,000 on average, and he supports raising their wages even more. He has expressed concern on raising gas taxes to rebuild roads and bridges. Reeves says that the lottery and other allocations have addressed the issue. Reeves has said that he will consider banning gifts from lobbyists if that is what the Legislature wanted. Reeves says that he does not, “know all the details” of lobbying. Reeves has also made his stances on abortion very clear. “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: abortion is evil.” He has supported the six weeks abortion ban and has gathered a coalition of over 150 pastors and pro- life advocates for his campaign. He believes, that this is an issue of right versus wrong, and that, “It is not an issue for compromise. It is not an issue in which we can bend to the national liberal or sit idly by and do nothing. If you believe that these are living babies than you believe lives are at stake.”
Jim Hood is the Democratic Party member running for governor of Mississippi. He believes in expanding Mississippi’s healthcare programs by adding 1 billion dollars. Hood believes in raising teachers salaries. To do this, Hood says we should cut back corporate tax breaks and abolish contracts made between politicians and specific companies. Hood has not said much on if he believes in raising taxes to pay for roads, and that we should just cut back on unnecessaries to pay for such things. He has said however that the tax on gas would help raise money from out of state truck drivers. Hood fully supports banning gifts from lobbyists, stating, “We’ve got to cut the money out of politics, and then we’ll see some results for the people.” Hood has made his beliefs on abortion known, saying he would have passed Mississippi’s abortion bill that would ban abortion at six weeks. He said that he believes in the Bible and, unlike most democrats, is definitely pro-life.