Christmas on a Budget

from Issue 9


 know that it’s hard to believe that Christmas is just right around the corner. Many are scrambling to find the perfect presents while others are waiting to receive nice gifts.It can become very pricy if you are having to give gifts to a lot of people. So, here are some amazing gifts for cheap!

Scrunchie Set- (~$7.00)  scrunchies come in handy especially when you need a hair tie; also, they are very stylish

Plush Robe- (~$20.00) comfortable for just lounging around

Candles- (~$10.00) smell amazing and are good for relaxing 

Lotion- (~$10.00) allows to you moisturize and smell good

Caps- (~15.00) good for style and a source of shade

Socks- (~$5.00) comfortable and cute, or just because you need them

An Ice Roller for face and eyes- (~$20.00) feels nice and massages 

Brush- (~15.00) new brushes come in handy

Blankets- (~$10.00) nice to lay under

Phone Cases- (~$15.00) cute and protective 

Christmas Stockings-  (~$10.00) a nice gift for you to use yearly

Personalized Ornaments- (~$15.00) cute and special