Top 5 Best/Worst Gifts

from Issue 9


Christmas is quickly coming around the corner, which is also evidently the season of giving. With Christmas approaching, gifts are quickly being given out and received. This is as a way to display kindness and selflessness. Gifts are meant to entertain people, but some might not be as entertaining. As there is good and bad, there are good and bad gifts. To start, let’s take a look at the Top 5 Best/Worst Gifts nominated for 2019.


Top 5 Best Gifts


1. Ember Warming Mug

This is not just some ordinary mug. This unique mug operates by using the Ember app on your phone. The app connected to the mug lets you set your ideal temperature and notify you when it has reached your personalized temperature. The LED’s on the mug can also be personalized. The mug can also help you create heat presets for your favorite drink.

Price: $50.00

2. LED Strip Lights

These lights are perfect to light up your bedroom. The lights are adhesive, and they are able to be cut up into different sized fragments. This gift also is controlled by the app that goes along with it. With the app, you can change the colors of the lights into a variety of colors. The lights can also respond to sound like music and even your voice, which makes the light “dance” to the beat.

Price: $30.00

3. iPhone 11 Pro

This phone is perfect if you want to flex your money and hop on the “Apple Bandwagon.” One of the best features of the iPhone is the triple-camera system. The cameras include: an Ultra Wide Camera, Wide Camera, and Telephoto Camera. With these cameras, you have the ability to zoom in and out for an impressive 4x optical range. This is a great alternative to one of the more expensive cameras.

Price: $999-$1,149

4. AirPods Pro

These wireless earphones are the perfect fit for you if you want to get rid of those unappealing cords hanging from your ears. These earphones provide Active Noise Cancellation for immersive sound. They also produce transparency mode for hearing what’s happening around you, along with a customizable fit to all.

Price: $250

5. The Tesla

The Tesla is one of the world’s most advanced cars. The car provides a reasonable solution to transfer over from using gas to electric energy. It is also the best Christmas gift of all time because it is Upper Class and provides semi-autonomous driving, meaning to drive by itself.

Price Starting At: $36,200


Top 5 Worst Gifts

These gifts deserve a description:

1. Coal 


You hate to see it. Hey Santa, accept my follower request. We know you have first access to 5G.

Price: N/A

2. Clothing

Come on society, we already have the basic necessities. Why do we need more? Boomers and millennials, step back from the 1990s and let’s get futuristic and acquire “20th century un-necessities.”

Price: $15-$100

3. Fruit Cake/ Food

A cake made of fruit and an absolute disgrace. How does food even maintain to stay fresh underneath the heterotrophs all day? Definitely stale.

*Triggered Junie B. Jones has entered the chat*

Price: Fruits, Dough, Eggs, Mix

4. Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning should be the last priority for Christmas. Having fun and celebrating the winter season is the biggest priority. Be warned, buying this for a female friend or relative is an incredibly stupid idea for obvious reasons(smh zoomers). It is December 2019 after all.

5. A useless heart.

Remember the time you gave someone your heart last Christmas? Yeah, I can relate. And what happened? It got threw away. Careful what you do with your heart, we don’t want a cameo of the Great Depression.

Price: Heartbreak.