from Issue 10


The most recent and last installment of the Star Wars trilogy films first opened in theaters on 20 December 2019. Rise of the Skywalker has been a gigantic commercial success, raking in over 900 million dollars globally so far. Reactions, though, have been highly critical. It is no secret that the new trilogy has not been a favorite of fans, and this last episode did not change that. Rise of the Skywalker has a 54% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 6.9/10 on IMDb. The reaction is tough but fair, as fans expect the very best for these star producers. Throughout the movie, Rey grows stronger and stronger, a trend that repeats in each episode of the new trilogy. She is what many call a Mary Sue, which is a female character who is unrealistically lacking flaws while easily surpassing all challenges. In this movie, her strength does not feel earned. Unlike the original trilogy, where Luke must learn to control the force and better himself, it feels forced and happens too quickly. We never see Luke being able to master the force as much as Rey in the original, which may be intended as she is the final hope for the galaxy, though it simply comes off as undeserved. Throughout the movie, there are many twists and turns, most of which do not make sense. As soon as something is discovered, it must be a trick, then another deceit within it. It becomes almost pretentious and redundant, none of which fans would hope for in the finale of the Star Wars trilogy.

C3PO also appears more robotic that he ever did before. His jokes appear stale, and he comes off as more annoying than charming. What always worked with C3PO was that he was a charming stickler, someone whom the audience loved even with all his groaning and moaning. He was helpful, kind, and funny, though all he does in this movie is make jokes no one wants to hear. He is not the only robot, though, as the recycled and modified footage they used to bring back Carrie Fisher’s performance as Lei in this movie gives off even less emotion. As we continue through the movie, we learn that our previous villain was pointless, and just a pawn spawned by a character we get no explanation of returning. More pointless things happen until we start getting to the climax, where things become tense and all hope seems lost. Our villain grows ever more powerful before Disney remembers the good guys must win. Although the movie had many flaws, it was not all bad. The CGI was superb, and there were entertaining moments. One of the strong points of this movie was the creativity behind everything. Besides seeing stunning imagery and new creatures, we saw the relationship twist and bend between Kylo Ren and Rey. Altogether, though, this movie was a disappointing finale for the Star Wars trilogy, and the criticism from hardcore fans saddened to see this is entirely justified.

Rating: 4.5/10