Leaving Levy

from Issue 10


During the holiday break, our beloved teacher Mr. Levy decided to resign and focus on
his doctorate. The school misses him very much, but we are glad that he is doing what
is good for him and his life.
Here are a few thoughts from the staff about Mr. Levy:

– Krislyn: “I miss him so much, and I have nobody to ask what they ate for dinner.”
– Carter: “Sometimes some people just have to move on because better opportunities arrive, so I know we are sad, but it is understandable.”
– Gwen: “I was very sad.”
– Ish: “I am very sad.”
– Ian: “I miss him. Goodbye Mr. Levy, the man that adored Taylor Swift.”
– McKenna: “Mr. Levy was the most trustworthy and caring teacher I had. I will absolutely miss him. I hope this journey takes him where he needs to go.”