Australia Ablaze

from Issue 11


The recent wildfires have caused much damage and destruction across the Australian continent. They have led to numerous deaths, most casualties being animals. It is estimated that anywhere from 480 million to over one billion animals have been killed in these fires. People have been fuming over the management of these fires, highly criticizing the current prime minister, Scott Morrison, for taking a vacation during the fires and holding back payment to volunteer firefighters. Much damage to wildlife has been created, possibly leading to the extinction of many species. The animals most publicized for their suffering have been the koalas, with numerous videos showing them burned and scathed from the wildfires. The smoke has stretched across the ocean and reached the Americas, and relief funds from organizations such as AmericanAustralia and globalGiving are underway. The wildfires are still burning but are now mostly contained. One can only hope that koalas and the many other animals who have suffered can make recoveries and survive in their natural habitat.