Math Competition (get a better title, man)

from Issue 12


Amanda Smithers

On Thursday, 20 February 2020, the wizards of mathematics from Jackson Academy rose early to board the 5:15 bus to compete in the Mississippi School of Mathematics and Science (MSMS) annual mathematics tournament. Braving the fields of integrations and cosines, individuals and teams found their hard work paid off in the form of awards. For starters, individual awards were given to Gautam Ray (fifth place, Algebra 1), Elizabeth Copeland (eighth place, geometry), Gibson Cheney (sixth place, Algebra 2), Emma Collums (eighth place, trigonometry/pre-calculus), and Miles Johnson (seventh place, calculus). As teams, Jackson Academy’s mathematicians placed high in the written tests (sometimes above St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, which has bested them many times before), ciphering, and interschool and potpourri contests. They took home third place for the overall competition, their highest win since at least 2016. Mrs. Smithers, Mrs. Hood, Mrs. Pearcy, and Mrs. Hirn were overjoyed at the success of their students and look forward to returning for MSMS’s 2021 competition.