Let It Shine

from Issue 12


Imprisoned, beaten, tortured—yet she would not be moved. Fannie Lou Hamer, a civil rights activist, was the subject of this year’s Black History Month program, presented in the form of a one-woman play. The Black History Month committee decided to present this play to educate students about this remarkable woman. Hamer was an intelligent woman from Mississippi who struggled throughout her life in the name of civil rights. The woman who performed this amazing play is Sharon Miles, who received her theatre training from the University of Southern Mississippi and is a writer, actor, and director. She has been working for over twenty years in the theater. Even though the play is seventy minutes long, she captivated the students through monologue, dialect, and song. Miles interacted with the audience to make sure that they received the full impact of her remarkable message. Miles’ aim is to offer students the chance to experience theatre and how theatre can change their lives as it did for her.