Senioritis + Coronavirus = ?

from Issue C


Carter Elliott

In another particularly heavy blow, Jackson Academy has been forced to shut its doors for the time being, and its students are being taught from the comforts of home. While this has its perks, there are some things that cannot be replaced, and many of those have to do with senior celebrations. Here are some seniors’ thoughts on the spread of the virus affecting their year.

Londyn Dorsey: I never thought that I would say this, but…I really wish school would start again—I miss JA and my friends. I’ve sat home all day, doing nothing but watching Netflix, and it’s grown on me. All I really hope for now is graduation!

Courtney François: As a senior involved in the arts, I looked forward to all of my performing arts endeavors the most, such as performing in my last theater production, singing with the concert choir at our last concert, and performing in my last band concert. I watched every year as my friends and former seniors did their senior features, and I’m sad that I won’t get a chance to do my own. I also wanted to do a cello duet with my amazing friend and cello buddy, Bella Palomo, at our band concert, but I no longer can. I wish I could hang out with my friends during lunch and laugh with them in rehearsals. The musical facets of school are hit the hardest during this time because so much of what we do is a group effort that can only be efficiently done in a central location or in rehearsals with everyone present. An ensemble cannot play over Zoom or Google Meets due to delay. It’s great that we can still communicate with each other, but it is also sad to realize that the best part of my day is now gone. However, we must keep moving forward and focus on the present work and future great experiences we’ll gain as we go off to college, and we’ll all be stronger for it.

Walker Barnes: At first, it seemed like the perfect scenario: I didn’t have to go to school, and I could hang out with friends. The online classes didn’t seem bad at all. However, now that most places are being shut down, and a lot of my friends aren’t allowed to leave their houses, my perspective has shifted. I’m fine with working out at home and ordering takeout, but since I can’t hang out with friends and instead have to take online classes, I’m really missing school and being with friends. (I will say, however, that I enjoy getting to take classes in my bed.) I don’t feel like my senior year has been “robbed.” If anything, I feel like it’s a pretty cool way to end the year. It just gets frustrating sometimes, and senioritis is through the roof.

Anna Katherine Ray: I’ve been at JA for the last fourteen years, and I’ve been looking forward to so many senior activities for a long time. It’s disappointing to miss out on senior week, Alpha and Omega, and other senior traditions, but I’m thankful that the class of 2020 got to make the memories we did. I’m especially thankful that I got to finish my senior volleyball season, and my heart goes out to those that don’t get that chance. I’m optimistic that we will all be back together soon.

Hopefully, we will all be back together soon, indeed. Stay safe, and wash your hands.