from Issue C


When under a lockdown, it may be hard to busy yourself for the twelve-plus hours that you are awake. However, if you are creative enough, there are still fun things to do.

Exercise: Get outside and walk a little. The lockdown permits that. If you are too afraid to go outdoors, I know a friend who has been exercising by playing Just Dance on the Wii. Maybe you can invest in an under-the-desk exercise bike to keep your feet moving during class and burn off that nervous energy.

Socializing: Of course, a big detriment to this quarantine is the lack of intimacy involved in friendships and communities. However, there are solutions for that, too! If your groups outgrow FaceTime or Google Duo, use ZOOM to interact with another face. In addition, Netflix has created an installation for Google Chrome called Netflix Party, in which you and your friends can watch movies together with a chat window on the right.

Family: Once, you were too busy to feel like a part of your family. Well, that’s been freed up, hasn’t it? Start a puzzle together. Go for walks or eat supper as a family. Even create a game—my family and I have been working on cards for Cards Against the Elliotts, a cleaner alternative to the popular (yet raunchy) game Cards Against Humanity. If you don’t feel like creating…Who’s up for MarioKart?

These are but a few suggestions to spice up what may be a boring day for you. All in all, what really matters is that you are safe and well. Take care!