Missing Tissue (A Rant)

from Issue C


It’s no secret that everyone has been rushing to get toilet paper during this pandemic. There is no real reason why everyone is stocking up on or hoarding it. Some continually go out every day to get toilet paper. There have not be any facts that COVID-19 causes excessive use of the bathroom. One can only guess that people assume we will one day be on full lockdown, but it’s not fair for others to hoard tissue. Some even buy and sell it for much more. On non-busy days, if your city has any, you can see stacks of toilet paper in your local stores, but you better get it because by the next day it will most likely be gone. The providers for tissue are probably not complaining, for they are making a killing off this huge demand. Anyway, please don’t hoard toilet paper. If you see you are getting low, go get a new pack. As for now, the tissue sections of the stores are still empty. Be safe, stay inside, and buy a reasonable amount of tissue.