Cafe Critique

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Cafe Critique

Lauren Anne Smith and Graham Laseter

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Most students have been flabbergasted by the cafeteria’s makeover over summer break, but the real question is: “How does the food taste?” We were lucky to sit down with world famous food critic Mr. Morgan, Associate Head of School/Academic Dean, and hear his review of the new and improved cafeteria cuisine. After trying a variety of delicious dishes, we finally narrowed it down to our top 5.

1. Chicken Tenders- The homemade chicken tenders are one of the highlights of the menu. With a crunchy outside, and tender inside, you can never go wrong when ordering these. 8/10

2. Pho- The oriental soup Pho sure hit our top 5!  This excellent appetizer appeals o to the simpletons with noodles and warm broth! 7/10

3. Chicken Caesar Wrap- The chicken Caesar wrap is by far the best thing on the menu. The Caesar dressing has just enough acidity to cut the richness of a traditional recipe, fresh lettuce, flash-fried chicken, and the dressing all coalesce to make a great wrap! 10/10

4. Chicken Spaghetti w/ Roasted Vegetables- Chicken spaghetti can easily be greasy, but this healthier take on the classic dish features a lighter sauce. The fresh roasted veggies complement the spaghetti perfectly. 9/10

5. Pizza- The pizza is hand-tossed and prepared in a fire pizza oven. With new and inventive flavors every week, you can always experience a variety of flavors. 10

With school starting up again, so have morning practices, and it’s a good thing that the cafeteria starts serving breakfast at 7:30, for students can start the day off right.  Another change is being able pay via fingerprint for the lines can move faster and with ease.  Also, go send an email to Mrs. Antici ([email protected]) thanking her for being an instrumental part in implementing our new service provider!