A Message to All Seniors

Anne Marie Lundy

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For years all you have been saying is “I cannot wait for senior year.” Well folks, it’s here, and probably sooner than most of you expected. In the blink of any eye, your last high school summer has expired, and you are now only nine months away from taking the stage and getting that diploma. Once you receive that piece of paper, your high school career will officially come to a close, so this is your reminder to savor every moment until then. Use this as your “inspiration” to get through these next nine months. Yes, school will become more and more stressful throughout the year with tests shirts, and … well everything, but don’t let that stir you from living this school year to the fullest. Go to every single football game, school dance, pep rally, etc. Appreciate your teachers, coaches, parents, and anyone else who had helped you along your journey. Study for that big test, you will be glad…or binge watch four hours of Netflix, you will still be glad, Laugh with your friends; cry tears of frustration over that one horrid class with your friends. Step out of you comfort zone and try something new. But above all, do not waste your time here by wishing you were somewhere else (aka college). The time for you to hug your parents goodbye will come sooner than you think. And when it does, you might find yourself wishing you were back here.

Basically what I’m trying to say is, do not waste this year. Enjoy every moment of it, no matter what that moment is. Time flies, so make sure to fill every second of this year with happiness, ambition, and, determination. Soak it all up because one day you will leave it all behind. And don’t forget to live every second of yo’ life to the fullest. Finally, in the words of Mrs. Love, “make it a great year or not, the choice is yours.”