Social Media:Helpful or Hurtful

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Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter. These are all common things we use on a daily basis right? Now I’m not trying to be some big hypocrite by telling you to delete all of your social media. I spend my fair share of time on snapchat and Instagram on a daily basis, and I know it can be used for good things. With that said, there are some things we should probably realize. 

For starters, how much time a day do you spend on social media? Probably a lot. You could be getting on your phone or computer (or ipad ! ) to look at one picture…and next thing you know it’s been three hours and you’re looking at memes. I have been in this situation many times, and it happens to the best of us so don’t fret. However, next time you find yourself here, just think of all the other things you could be doing with your life (basically anything else). 


Stop comparing everything you do to somebody life that looks perfect on Instagram. I promise you, their life is not really as cool as it appears to be. It only becomes that “awesome” after 1000+ pictures are taken to get the perfect shot, and five edits are put on it. Instagram is the highlight reel of someone’s life, not the real part. Stop trying to make your “Instagram aesthetic” cool, stop stalking the people you think you should be more like, and stop placing your happiness in your Instagram and Facebook feed. It’s a waste of time. If you are going on some fantastic adventure, go because you want to be there, not because you want to take cool pictures of yourself being there. Let that soak in. Ouch.

In conclusion I leave you with this,

Social media is an easy way for people to brag about their “amazing” lives, and an even easier way to make people hate their own lives for not being as exciting and spontaneous as someone else’s. Living behind a screen is not really living. Start being in the world around you instead of filming it. You might miss some things the camera does not catch. And honestly the whole concept is just plain weird. Why does our generation want people knowing what we are doing 24/7? We are literally asking for people to stalk our lives. It is kinda creepy.

We would probably be a happier, more up-beat generation if we didn’t have social media dragging us down. Social Media makes people sad. Looking at other people’s posts can make their lives seem perfect, but it’s not. You are just looking at the best moments of a person’s live. It makes your life seem boring and small compared to the people your are looking at on Instagram.