Meet the Raider Man

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Meet the Raider Man

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You have seen him at the pep rallies. You have seen him at the games. Maybe he has even waved at you, or better yet has high-fived you. The question around campus: who is the man behind the mask? The newspaper staff, along with everyone desires to know this burning question, so we caught up with the Raider Man to give us a little insight to see what he is all about. 

Question: What is your favorite part about being the raider man?

Answer:I love waving to everyone on Friday mornings, but I have to say that my favorite part is messing with and distracting our opponents’ team and fans!

Question: how do you get the student section so hyped up for each game?

Answer:The sword has magic powers! (shh don’t tell anyone) 

Question: Do you have any beef with any other mascots, if so who?

Answer:The Prep Patriot man and I have major beef. He is about one flag away from losing that adorable jacket of his!

Question: Any other comments  or hacks?

Answer:Everyone learn the Go Bananas chant, that would be very hype. Also HYPE- HACK: give everyone in the student section a plastic cup with baby powder to get a quick release after a touchdown