Childhood Trends

Anne Marie Lundy

Do you ever look back at old photos and cringe at the sight of yourself. You realize your 7th grade “signature look” may not have been as cute as you thought. The early 2000’s were a time where Lizzie Mcguire was your fashion icon, and you spent all of your free time on your gameboy. Occasionally, fads from our childhood slip back in style, but other times, these tragic trends are temporary. Let’s take a walk down memory lane with some of the best trends from your childhood you may have forgotten about.

Neons and sequins and tweens, oh my! Looking like a living, walking Bratz Doll was all you ever wanted, and this store was the perfect place to start. You could find the perfect graphic tee while listening to the newest Kidz Bob CD in the background.

Who didn’t have a Webkinz? The cute and cuddly stuffed animal doubled as an online game when you entered the code attached to its ankle. The code let you join an online game where you could take care of a virtual pet and play fun games with it. These were the go-to birthday presents for boys and girls. Whether it was playing polar plunge or going gem hunting at the Curio Shop, everyone had fun playing with their Webkinz.

Such nostalgic memories come with this brand. A Juicy Couture sweatsuit was the ultimate outfit for any middle school girl, and if you were lucky enough to have one, you wore it everywhere. Some people claim this bedazzled tracksuit is making a comeback, these are false accusations.

Libby Lu was heaven on earth for any tween girl. It was the closest thing girls could get to Hannah Montana’s closet. The “full Libby experience” consisted of getting your hair and makeup done. Usually a twisted up do complimented by hot pink sparkly eyeshadow. And who could forget the thrill of becoming a pop star while you performed a dance routine at the end of the makeover.

We’re not talking about the juice, we’re talking about the summer of ’09 when every single girl colored her hair with red Kool-Aid in hopes of channeling her inner Avril Lavigne. The dye was only supposed to last for only a couple of months, but ended up lasting for much longer than that. This led to some interesting new hairstyles in efforts to hide the color from teachers and avoid that dreaded check mark.

Silly Bands were all the rage in the 3rd grade. Some kids layered them all the way up to their elbows. It was always a competition to see who had the most bands…until JA made the “no more than three” rule. That dollar sign shaped bracelet was worth anything to my eight year old self.