JA Chronicle

2018-2019 Staff

Mr. Levy

Staff Advisor

Mr. Levy is a new addition to the JA faculty this year. In addition to his teaching duties, he currently serves as the staff advisor for the JA Chronicle. Mr. Levy is excited about taking The JA Chronicle in a new direction....

Mary Parker Williams


Senior and editor in chief Mary Parker is a veteran of the JA Chronicle.  She is also cheer caption and class president. In her free time she enjoys vlogging, DJ-ing, and eating Froyo....

Anne Marie Lundy


Senior and assistant editor Anne Marie is a veteran of the JA Chronicle, going on her second year.  Besides being on newspaper, she is class vice president, and an Accent officer.  ...

Lizzy Childress

Staff Writer

Junior Lizzy Childress is veteran of the JA Chronicle, going on her second year, and a member of Accents.  In her spare time, Lizzy enjoys going to Oxford and hanging out with friends.  ...

Garner Hixon

Staff Writer

Sophmore Garner Hixon is a new addition to the JA Chronicle, and on the varsity tennis team.  In his spare time he enjoys to hang out with friends and likes cars.  

Ella Jane Simmons

Staff Writer

Sophmore Ella Jane Simmons is new addition to the the newspaper.  Besides contributing to the JA Chronicle, she is on the volleyball and swim team.  During her free time,  she enjoys hanging out in Oxford, cheering, on the...

Alex Summerford

Staff Writer

Sophomore Alex Summerford is a new addition to the newspaper.  Besides contributing to the JA Chronicle, he also plays football, baseball, and soccer. In his spare time, Alex enjoys cheering on the Rebs and hanging out at the...

Mary Lindley Tharp

Staff Writer

 Senior Mary Lindley Tharp is a new addition to the JA Chronicle and is also an Accent.  During her free time, she enjoys painting and attending live concerts.  ...

Nelson Thomas

Staff Writer

Junior Nelson Thomas is a new addition to the JA Chronicle. Besides contributing to newspaper, he also is on the football team and the junior class student council vice president. During his free time, he is the biggest fan fo...

Leah Richardson

Staff Writer

Senior Leah Richardson is a new addition to the newspaper staff. Besides contributing to the JA Chronicle, Leah is also the senior class secretary.  She enjoys her free time by watching Game of Thrones.

Reid Hewitt

Staff writer

Reid is a 9th grader recently added to the staff. She is a Silver Stepper and plays the piano. For fun she enjoys the outdoors, shopping, and listening to music with friends.

Olivia Quin

Staff Writer

Olivia Quin is a freshman writer for The Chronicle. She is a JV cheerleader and member of Encore. She enjoys traveling and hanging out with her friends.

Caroline Graven

Staff Writer

Caroline Graven is a 10th grader and a new addition to The Chronicle. She is an Accent and is an interact club member. She is also a Girl Scout. In her extra time she likes to chill and hang out with friends.

Zoe Ladner

Staff Writer

Zoe Ladner is a sophomore on the staff. Apart from newspaper, she is a member of the Accents, and she is in the high school showchoir, Encore. In her free time she enjoys spending time outside, watching movies, and hanging out...

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